Atlas Marine


Our services

Atlas Marine is a small and efficient facility. Because of our size, personal attention is our number one obligation to you, the customer. You will not become lost in the impersonal shuffle of a large warehouse and will be updated on the status of your merchandise.

In accordance with our personal attention, Atlas Marine has company-owned trucks and employs company drivers. This means that our full-time hourly drivers and other company employees who help on our dock truly care about how they handle your freight – it is their job.

Many warehouses employ part-time help from agencies, so, they never become familiar with the needs of the customer.

Proximity to the ports is in our favor as well. We are located only five minutes from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. This allows us to expedite the movement of your 20 or 40-foot containers to the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and Ventura Counties.

Atlas Marine is equipped with specialized chassis to accommodate overweight 20-foot containers. It is because of that, that we are the overweight corridor experts of Long Beach and Los Angeles. We can also permit your overweight 40-foot containers for legalization, de-vanning, storage, and distribution.

Atlas Marine provides the following transportation services to meet your many needs:
• Local Harbor and Rail Drayage servicing the Los Angeles Basin and surrounding areas
• In-Bond Transportation – CHL 66
• Handling of Less than Container Load (LTL) Shipments
• Located within the Overweight Corridor for Legalization of Overweight Containers
• Permit Loads
• Hazmat Materials Licensed
• USDA Approved
• TWIC Cards

Atlas Marine prides itself on state-of-the-art equipment. We can offer the following:
• Company Owned Trucks
• Bobtails with Liftgates
• All Trucks are Radio Dispatched
• Tri-Axle Chassis for Overweight Containers
• 40-Foot Flatbeds
• Forklifts

Warehouse Services
Atlas Marine is conveniently open for inquiries between Monday and Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We offer a multitude of services, including:
• Transloading
• Devan & Distribution
• Export Loading
• Correction of Shifted Loads
• Scaling and Correction of overweight Loads
• Loading/Unloading Automobiles
• Repacking
• Sorting
• Labeling
• Palletizing
• Block & Bracing
• Stretchwrap
• Storage (All merchandise on Pallets or Racks)
• Daily UPS Ground Shipping